Most of our learners have left school with no formal English qualification and need courses to improve their job prospects or simply to make everyday life easier. Classes are geared to the level of the learners and are highly practical. Learners are given real-life situations of how English is used in daily life. Our classes range from entry level to level 2. Learners must first undergo an assesment to determine which level they are at.


All of our courses are free with the exception of Computerised payroll. There is also an examination fee of £35 for the Sage Line 50 units. 

How to enrol

To join a class, you will need to register at BRC and the advisers will enrol you for the course. Please ensure you bring identification evidence such as passport photo, birth certificate, marriage certificate or utility bill.

You will also need to bring evidence that you are in receipt of JSA or ESA such as a letter from the Job Centre stating the benefits you are on. 

Bilston Resource Centre, Wolverhampton St Bilston, WV14 0LT

01902 353705