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To improve the quality of life for all people from all the diverse communities living in Bilston, Wolverhampton and the wider Black Country area. 

Mission Statement

To provide the best possible support to people from all the diverse communities of Bilston and the wider Black Country area, through the delivery of best quality services that create life enhancing opportunities. Through the provision and facilities that encourage social welfare, we aim to enhance economic prospects, improved employment, self-employment and career prospects and recreation and other leisure time activities for everyone.

Our Values

  • Being informed by Christian values and ethics.

  • Valuing our staff and volunteers.

  • Social responsibility with regard to relieving poverty.

  • Promoting equal opportunities and social inclusion.

  • Valuing the human potential of everyone we work with.

  • Achieving the highest possible standards in everything we do.

  • Working towards a just and fair society.

  • Working as a non-party political organisation.

  • Valuing partnership work with other organisations.

  • Having due regard to environmental impact and issues.

  • Having due regard to the local economic needs.

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