Bilston Resource Centre is a founding member of the Wolverhampton Learning Platform CIC, a group of five organisations working together to support people into work, education and training. Recently, the WLP and the City Council have launched its Learning Communities Initiative which is about bringing learning into local neighbourhoods.

Mission Statement

 “To maximise the potential of local residents and enhance the social well-being and economic prosperity of the community by making the most of our combined efforts. We will work together with a coordinated approach to provide high quality and reliable Information, Advice and Guidance. Additionally we will offer excellent support, skills and training according to individual needs and aspirations.”

Our Core Values:

  • Putting the interests of the clients and community first

  • Working with integrity, honesty and impartiality

  • Valuing partnership work with other organisations based on trust, commitment and respect

  • Valuing the human potential of all the people we work with

  • Promoting equal opportunities, social inclusion and valuing diversity

  • Working towards a just and fair society

  • Valuing our staff and volunteers

Our Aims:

  • To reduce worklessness

  • To improve skills

  • To provide accessible information,

       advice and guidance on learning

       opportunities & work

  • To promote equality of opportunity

Access to Business

The Curve,

81 Temple Street, WV2 1AA

(01902) 572397 or 


10 Red Lion Street,

Wolverhampton, WV1 4HL

(01902) 714224 or

TLC College

Dunstall Heights, 

Dunstall Road, WV6 0LZ

(01902) 425461 or


Black Country Group

29-31 Temple Street,

Wolverhampton WV2 4AN

07850515600 or

Bilston Resource Centre, Wolverhampton St Bilston, WV14 0LT

01902 353705