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Bilston Resource Centre is a founding member of the Wolverhampton Learning Platform CIC. The Wolverhampton Learning Platform seeks to support the residents of the City, who are furthest from the labour market and at risk of facing redundancy, which addresses the needs and aspirations of the people. All services of the WLP will be co-designed by and co-delivered with its grass-root partners.


More information is coming soon...

Mission Statement

 “To maximise the potential of local residents and enhance the social well-being and economic prosperity of the community by making the most of our combined efforts. We will work together with a coordinated approach to provide high quality and reliable Information, Advice and Guidance. Additionally we will offer excellent support, skills and training according to individual needs and aspirations.”

Our Core Values:

  • Putting interests of the clients and community first

  • Working with integrity, honesty and impartiality

  • Being open and transparent

  • Valuing the human potential of all the people we work with

  • Valuing partnership work with organisations based on trust, commitment and respect

  • Promoting equal opportunities, social inclusion and valuing diversity

  • Valuing our staff and volunteers

  • Working towards a just and fair society

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